Stand United or Hang Alone

Promoting the ideals of Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity and a Free and United Ireland 


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What is a Hibernian

What is a Hibernian

What is a Hibernian

 The Ancient Order of Hibernians in America is an Irish Catholic  organization whose purpose is to promote friendship, unity, and  Christian charity. Our mission is to assist the people of Ireland in  establishing a free and united Ireland while lending aid to the sick,  aged, blind, and infirmed in our community by participation in Catholic  Action activities.  


Our History

What is a Hibernian

What is a Hibernian

 Black Jack Kehoe, Division 4, was founded and  chartered in 1986. Over our over 30-year year history, the members of  Black Jack Kehoe have been involved in providing aid and comfort to  those in need in our community and beyond. Black Jack Kehoe is active  many charities including the Doc Brown Hunger Project, providing food to the less fortunate during the Holiday season. 


Our Mission

What is a Hibernian

Our Mission

 Our members are active in our community and work tirelessly to promote  the ideas of Friendship, Unity, Christian Charity and a free and united  Ireland. .


COVID-19 Call to action


Ok, its time to start helping our heroes, the hospital workers. I just met with Quinn's other grandmother, Lauren  Weber's mom Linda  Weber, who is a nurse on the Covid 19 floor to give her  treats for the nurses at Lankenau Hospital in Wynnewood, just across the  border from Philadelphia. I asked her what the nurses needed. N95 masks  of course if anyone has any or comfortable everyday  masks for wearing under the full face shield they have to wear.

But also they desperately need  baby monitors, either video or audio, even walkie talkies. They need  these to set up in the patient rooms so they don't have  to keep going in and out all the time and can keep an eye or an ear to  their patients.

So many  people are taking the time to declutter their homes and attics, if you  have any of the above, please sanitize the monitors and seal them in a  clear baggie and let me know and I'll  get them from you.

I'll set  up drop off locations in Northeast Philly, South Philly Center City,  Delco, Bucks, Montco, Chester County, New Jersey and Delaware. Let me  know either through this post, messenger,  email or my cell 610-308-8994. If we get too many I'll get them to other hospitals.

Its time  to stop reading about these horrible stories and take action to help.  Nurses, doctors and their teams are the underappreciated heroes of 2020,  just like the firefighters were  underappreciated until 9/11. Thank you to all our first responders and  be safe, and may God Bless us all !

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